Nice Keed

Nice Keed is an emerging artist in the world of techno in Paris. His unique musical style is characterized by fast and energetic sets, accompanied by dark and punchy melodies. He has quickly gained popularity thanks to his universe and his innovative approach to techno. NICE KEED is also a talented producer. His EP on CLTX’s label was a big success and his productions have been played by well-known artists in the techno world such as Shlomo, Basswell, Nico Moreno, CLTX, Caravel, SNTS, Lee Ann Roberts or Paula Temple. Constantly evolving, NICE KEED is an artist who continues to explore new musical horizons, while maintaining his own signature sound. He is one of the most promising emerging artists of the Parisian techno scene and an artist to follow closely. He is clearly one of the young Parisian artists we need to hear in 2023.

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